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Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

I've written about the health benefits of coffee (see my post at, especially cold brew coffee, which we absolutely love!  We don't like the expensive prices at local specialty coffee houses though, and so we've investigated how to make our own and save some money. The experts agree - these are the ratios and methods to make fantastic cold brew coffee:

  1. Get *whole bean coffee and grind it coarsely.  If it's too fine, it will cause the coffee to be cloudy, or you'll have to strain it a lot.
  2. 3/4 C ground coffee
  3. 4 C room temperature (filtered) water

Put coffee grounds and water in a container that is large enough to hold them.  Stir.

Let soak for 12 - 24 hours on the counter.  The longer the soak time, the more intense and concentrated the flavor will be, as well as the caffeine levels.  Do not soak over 24 hours, or the beans will be over-extracted, causing bitterness (which defeats the whole process).

Pour concentrate into a refrigerator pitcher/container, using cheesecloth or a fine sieve to strain out the coffee grinds.  

Personally, we prefer to not even have to go through all this.  We have the RSVP Cold Brew Coffee Pot that filters the grinds with its removable filter.  Then we can put the glass pot directly into the refrigerator for storage.  It makes Cold Brew so easy!

Store in refrigerator for up to a week.

*Some people ask if you have to use specialty beans (which are expensive), and the answer is no!  Use any brand you like, just be sure they're fresh.  If you want a great way to store your unused coffee beans, check out our Planetary Designs Airscape Steel canisters - they're the best for the beans!

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  • Jenny Campbell